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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Our featured entrepreneur is Cynthia Powell. Cynthia is a Christian, a wife, a mom to 3 boys and the owner of an at home business called Chicks & Cubs. Cynthia started Chicks & Cubs in 1999 because she wanted to be a Stay At Home Mom, but still have a work interest. Cynthia and her husband chose the name Chicks & Cubs because they love animals and they thought that chicks sounds girly and cubs sounds boyish. Isn’t the name adorable. Cynthia specializes in baby shoe bronzing and Patty Cakes. Are you wondering what Patty Cakes are? So was I. Well Patty-Cakes® are 3-dimensional molds made from an impression of the baby's hand and foot. The impression is bronzed and mounted for a hanging or table display. What a creative way to preserve memories. They also bronze pacifiers. I love this idea. I had my daughter’s christening shoes bronzed 29 years ago, and they’re still proudly displayed. The display also makes a great conversation piece.

Cynthia has another great product on her site, a Child’s Identification Bracelet. If you’re worried that you may get separated from your child when you’re shopping, at the park or a community festival, check out this bracelet. This bracelet has the information they need to get back to their parents safely. The information includes home and cell phone numbers for mommy, daddy, grandma, and granddaddy. These great bracelets come in either pink or blue.

Be sure to check out the Loot 4 Mama Give Away. The grand prize is a $130.00 gift certificate for Baby Shoe Bronzing. The contest is located at: Leave us a comment on the Chicks and Cubs site, and enter the contest. Cynthia's blog, Growing Up Fast at has great information too.

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