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Monday, 12 May 2008

I Am The Princess That’s Why is our second featured Mom site. It is owned by Karen Herbs. Karen resides in New York and is the mother of three. She drives a school bus, and loves archery and snowmobiles.

This entrepreneur actually started with an adult lingerie business; however, she wanted something that her entire family could be involved in. Her mother and 2 daughters helped with the concept and from there I Am The Princess That's Why grew. When asked about the name, I Am The Princess That’s Why, Karen stated that she sat down with a notebook and her 2 girls and I threw some ideas out. One of her designers suggested I'm the Princess, and they tweaked it to I Am the Princess. That's Why came from her youngest daughter with her hand on her hip-- and an attitude of that's why! I can relate to that with my daughter who was dubbed Little Princess.

When I browsed Karen's site, two items really caught my attention. First the Peddle and Battery cars, they are adorable. I’m going to keep them in mind for a birthday gift for my grandson. Second, I realized that Karen’s site truly focuses on everything for the little princess, tea parties, dress up and play houses. I asked Karen what inspired her when she adds merchandise to her site? Karen stated, “Her daughters are really what inspired her to do a little changing and take it up several notches to all the stuff we love”. She also stated that she will be adding around 1,500 additional items to the site. What an inventory this will be.

You must take a look at the incredible playhouses, mini mansions, as they are referred to on her site. These custom built mini mansions include eight foot ceilings. Customers can also choose running water, hardwood floors, bay windows, and luxury rooms! I can see myself playing with my granddaughter in one of these. I told my daughter and her husband to start planning the next Little Princess, lol.

We asked Karen what her top sellers were, and she stated the dress up items. She stated that the baby items were also in high demand. Whether it's dress up, tutus or tea parties, this site offers everything to make your little girl's dreams come true. If you don't have a little princess, refer someone who has one. It's a great site to visit.

Karen also has a blog, I Am The Princess. She post entries on other businesses and makes the general public aware of contests and hot new products! You visit her at Be sure to leave her a post on her great items.

If you're feeling lucky, each month I am The Princess That’s Why sponsors a contest. Prizes to be won include dress up clothing, I-pod speaker pillows etc. They also donate items at Be sure to visit Karen at Click on the Give Away button at the bottom of the site and register. Your little princess could be a winner!

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