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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

A New York man is suing JetBlue Airways for more than $2 million. The New York man alleges that the pilot on the flight forced him to give up his seat to a flight attendant. The passenger was on a flight from New York to San Diego and flying on a buddy pass. A buddy pass is given to a friend by an employee who works for JetBlue. The passenger alleges the pilot told him "to go hang out" in the toilet. Can you image sitting on a toilet on a cross-country flight? Just using the lavatory on a flight can be a challenge. According to the law suit, the flight was full. The flight attendant complained the jump seat was uncomfortable, so the passenger was forced to give up his seat. I fly regularly, and I've never witnessed a flight attendant sitting anywhere except in a jump seat regardless of whether the flight was full or not.

After expressing his displeasure of having to sit in the lavatory, the pilot told him that he was in command of the flight and he was lucky to be on the plane. The passenger was not allowed to sit in the jump seat, only Jetblue employees are allowed to sit there. The flight encountered turbulence and passengers were told to return to their seats; however, this passenger had no seat to return to. I guess the pilot and his crew came to their senses, the passenger was finally allowed to return to his original seat.

If these allegations are true, I personally believe that pilot should not be allowed to fly another commerical flight again. Not only did he humiliate this passenger, he put him at risk. Nobody has that kind of authority or right, pilot or not.

I have flown Jetblue to the west coast on numerous occasions, and personally liked the airline. I was impressed with their service and the nice, roomy leather seats for the price. I've been on line checking their prices for a flight to Las Vegas in the coming weeks. I'm leary now! If I get up enough nerve and book a flight at a reasonable price, I'll post my assessment of their service. Pray that I don't end up in the toilet please!

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