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Monday, 2 June 2008

Our featured mom is Crystal. Crystal is the founder of Chrysanthemoms, and a mother of 3. She is a graphic designer, specializing in wedding invitations, baby announcements and photo greeting cards. I visited Crystal’s site, The Invitation Atelier, Crystal designs everything from wedding invitations to baby announcements.

She is also an avid blogger and loves to write. Chrysanthemoms (previously Two Moms In A Blog) is a blog written by moms for moms. Crystal states that the name: Chrysanthemoms, was chosen by one of our readers and is a play on “Chrys and the moms”. Why? Because she's Chrys, and the founder of Chrysanthemoms!

Chyrsanthemoms has three sister sites: Moms in Business, written by eBay Powerseller and WAHM, Suzanne - brings you advice on business: from getting started and building traffic, to finding balance between the business woman and the mother. In The Kitchen, with Watkins Rep, Eleisia - is an astounding resource for recipes, kitchen tips, cooking with your children and more! And last but not least, our talent Birthday Parties & Themes writer, Annette Yen, brings you theme ideas, games, activites, menu plans and more for a affordable, creative, memorable birthday celebration for your child of any age.

If you’re looking for invitations visit The Invitation Atelier. Crystal has a large selection, and she’s still adding designs. Her blogs are filled with interesting and diverse posts as well.

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