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Friday, 13 June 2008

Are you bonding with your son and/or daughter? I have worked diligently over the years to create an unbreakable bond with my daughter, pictured with her new baby boy, Xavier. This was a proud moment for both of us. Not only was this a proud moment, this picture brings back so many memories. Twenty-nine years ago, I bought my daughter home from the hospital. I remember looking at her and thinking she was the most beautiful baby in the world. I vowed to love her unconditionally. Here she is 29 years later whispering those same words to her son.

We talk at least two - three times a week for no special reason. Over the years, I never really thought about our relationship except in mother-daughter terms. Now, I can say that we are not only mother and daughter, but friends. Becoming friends with your child is a wonderful experience. It evolves over the course of years.

When she announced her engagement and than her pregnancy, I looked at her and realized she was in deed a beautiful young woman. She keep telling me that she wasn't a little girl any more, but for some reason I didn't hear it. I know there were times when I tuned her out, especially when she was playing music or ranting about something she wanted, but I didn't grasp that I was tuning out the fact that she was no longer my little girl or daddy's. She is now a loving wife and devoted Stay At Home Mom.

My grandson who is now 9 months old is the joy of my life. I too have vowed to love him unconditionally. I truly didn't believe that I could love anyone as much as my daughter, but this little angel has expanded Gran's heart and made his way in. Stay tuned for my journey as a new Gran.


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