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Friday, 11 July 2008

I purchased this playmat for my grandson, Xavier, and he loves it. So do I! I was looking for something to place on my hardwood floor when he was visiting and decided to try this mat. It's 6 x 6 and full of bright colors. It similar to a puzzle when shipped. You assembly the squares randomly and complete it with the border.

Xavier will play on this mat for hours. Actually he's between the playmat and the coffee table. He's at the stage where he loves to pull himself up at the coffee table and plays with whatever is on it. He loves the remotes and the phone. When he gets bored at the table, he drops to the floor and heads back to the mat.

It's great for diaper changes too. He helps Gran lay out the changing pad. He's amazing at 9 months, he tries to put his own diaper on now. He also knows where the powder goes. Gran has a little genius on her hands, lol. He's already figured out how to take the mat apart. He's teething and loves to bite on the pieces. It's non-toxic, so it makes a perfect teether. He also loves to teeth on knees. He gives you a kiss, and than bites you on the knee.

When the mat is not needed, I fold it in half and place it under the guest room bed. I plan to use it as a learning tool in the future to teach him his alphabets and numbers. I purchased this one from, but Wal-Mart also sells them on-line too. Great purchase, we will get a lot of use out of it.


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