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Sunday, 21 September 2008

This little angel will be roaring next week. He is turning 1 on Sunday, September 28th. I've been busy planning for his party. We decided to do a Safari/Jungle theme. I've had a blast finding decorating ideas, party favors, and ideas for decorating his cake. I decided to do cupcakes for the kids. The icing will be designed to look like grass. I found these fabulous cupcake picks in the shape of zoo animals to place on top of them.

I've spent the day making signs that you would find in a zoo so I can place in front of the house and around the yard. Balloons with safari animals will be placed around the yard. Stuffed zoo animals will be used as center pieces. We'll play pin the banana on the monkey, jungle bingo for the adults, and two cabinet boxes covered with branches will be used to make a cave for the kids. No Safari/Jungle party would be complete without lions, tigers, and bears roaring in the background. I spent hours searching for sounds and downloading them. Stay tuned, I'll post pictures of the festivities next week.

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