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Monday, 27 October 2008

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Do you worry about losing your child when you're shopping or at an amusement park? Most parents do and we giving our Bloggy Giveaway visitors a chance to win this Child ID Kit.

My grandson is walking now, and his safety has crossed my mind more than once during the last month. Most recently last week when my daughter was shopping for a birthday gift for a party they were attending. Instead of putting him in a shopping cart she decided to let him walk with her. Once inside the store, she found it difficult to shop and keep her eye on him. Duh!Sometimes mother has to let her learn things the hard way, but my grandchild's safety is not where I want to teach her a lesson or allow her to learn on her own. I thought to myself, what if she was alone and he wondered off. I imagined a clerk on the intercom announcing that they had a baby boy who was wearing jeans, white Niki's and a green polo shirt at the front desk. Let me tell you, that thought didn't set well with Grandma.

I remembered a child safety kit that had been offered to Giggles & Sugar Kisses as a Give Away, and I decided this was the pefect time to list the kit on my blog. Kay Green, Owner of My Precious Child, offers several Child Safety kits that we thought you should know about. I really like the kit that includes 8 products: ID cards, Medical Release Cards, Shoe Stickers, Car Seat ID Card, Luggage Tag ID Cards, and more. This Child Safety Pack is the winner of the 2006 Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award. The only award program to be honored by Disney. Kay's site states that 90% of missing pets have an ID, but only 2% of missing kids have IDs. What's wrong with this picture?

Please join Kay and I in ensuring that your child is safe all year. Here's how: visit My Precious Child and take a look at the Child Safety products. Return to our blog and leave us a comment on the safety kits. In return, My Precious Child will offer a Safety Kit to one of our readers.

Subscribe to our blog, and you may enter this Give Away twice. List this great Give Away on your blog with a link back to us and you may enter three times. Give Away is open to USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand residents 18+ and ends November 1, 2008 at mid-night. Winner will have 3 days to respond to the notification. Safety Kit will be shipped directly from My Precious Child.

For more Bloggy Giveaways click here. Good luck and please remember to keep your child safe at all times.

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