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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

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The award winning Swingset Mamas are on point. I thoroughly enjoyed watching their DVD Swing, Dance and Sing. Lizzie Swan and Marlowe Bechmann are the Swingset Mamas. Both are accomplished musicians who met on a beach in New York. In 1999, both became mothers. Although living in different states they wrote music to sooth their newborns. They shared their music and from there The Swingset Mamas came to life. Lizzie sent me two DVDs, one to review and one to give away to one of our readers. Here's my take:

There DVD is diverse, entertaining and colorful. I believe it is age appropriate for children 12 months to preschool. I tested that theory with my 15 month old grandson. Each morning he eats his breakfast watching the Cartoon Network. I decided to introduce him to The Swingset Mamas. Children are dancing throughout the DVD, the props are fun, and the Swingset Mamas bring colorful and diverse clothing to the set. My grandson, Xavier, enjoys music and loves to dance. He was mesmerized by the DVD. He watched the entire show, which consists of 15 songs.

I found the songs educational as well as entertaining. I particularly liked the Sunscreen Dance, Buckle Up, and Time To Clean Up. They encouraged children to put on sunscreen, their seat belt, and cleaning up their room. These songs are a clever and creative way to educate your child. I also liked Colors of the Rainbow. This song taught children about diversity, and that we are the colors of the rainbow. Kelley Gemelli was a hit with me too. Kelley Gemelli is a dog who has rolled in peanut butter and jelly and he's smelly. The children give Kelley Gemelli a bath. This song taught the responsibility of owning a dog and keeping him clean. Two other songs come to mind as well, Books and Dressed. These songs encouraged reading and dressing yourself.

Would I purchase this DVD for my child? Yes, I would and I highly recommend that you purchase one too. These ladies are on to something. Any tool that educates and is fun is alright with me. The DVD is getting great reviews on the blogosphere.

We have a copy of this wonderful DVD and a bonus CD for one of our readers. Here's how you can win: check out the Bugs and Swingset Mamas Compilation videos on Youtube and leave us a comment. These videos will give you the flavor of the Swingset Mamas or visit the Swingset Mamas.

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