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Friday, 16 January 2009

Would you lend a friend $2500? I've been asked twice. The first time was $5000 last year, now it's $2500. I didn't loan the $5000. My instincts are telling me not to lend the money this time either. I've known this person for 3 years, and I wonder why they think I have $2500 to loan them.

Frankly, I don't think it's wise to lend friends money. I've done it twice in the pass and I was repaid, but it hasn't been this type of money. Once to help a friend out of a bad marriage and another time to help a friend get back on her feet after she put her mother in a nursing home. The second friend tried to make it a habit, I cut her off. Needless to say, we are no longer friends.

I'm uncomfortable this time as well. I keep thinking, what if I'm not repaid. What would I do? I would take them to court, and the friendship would be over. Is $2500 worth a friendship?

Why am I leary? Could it be because it's a male this time or the size of the request? I have a hard time with a man asking me for money. Especially large sums of money. So maybe it's both. He has made it clear that the money will be repaid within 5 months. I want to ask, do you see Bank of Rhonda in front of my house? There is no ATM in my damn drive way. I question how a person could live in a 4,000 square foot house, drive a luxury vehicle and not be able to pay their bills. Did I mention they took a vacation overseas in October? Now they're asking me for money to pay bills. I went to my daughter's and the beach near her for my vacation. They have now depleted their savings and they have no job. It doesn't look like there's one on the horizon either. Their response to this, I thought I would have a job within a month. Hello, have you been watching the news or reading the newspaper. The country is in an economy meltdown. Unemployment is at an all time high. You should have keep your ass on United States soil in October. That's what I did, and I have money in the bank. Being frugal works.

Furthermore, their request for a Christmas gift was the 16G Iphone, WTH! If I knew that my savings was depleted and I didn't have a job, I wouldn't be walking around with a $400 dollar phone. Here's another tip for you friend, you should have continued to use your outdated phone. I'm using mine. It may be outdated, but it rings and the caller can hear me when I say hey.

This is an intellegent person, but I question their priorities and why they can't hold on to a job. Response, their education is not appreciated. That was a good one! Do I have stupid stamped on my forehead?

I would never ask a friend for this sum of money. I would go to a bank first. My question, is $2500 worth a friendship. My answer is no. Would you lend one of your friends $2500.


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