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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Construction utensils. Yes, three of them and so cute. The set consists of a fork, spoon, and a pusher. We found them at Construtive Eating. I couldn't resist, I just had to know more about these unique utensils. So, I contacted Jackie Malcolm, the creater, to give me a little insight as to how she came up with these fun items.

Jackie told us that these items were created as a result of her middle child, a boy, who was going through his construction phase. Jackie stated, "It was just one of those middle of the night ideas. Our third child was still very young and we spent many wakeful night hours just laying in bed, sleepless and thinking. It just dawned on me that construction machine utensils would really tickle his fancy".
Jackie stated that her husband was an engineer, so he fine tuned the designs after local stores expressed an interest.

Constructive Eating has added a matching plate to their collection. I had the opportunity to review the plate, and I found the orange color stimulating. It's divided into 4 section and contains a place to hold the fork, spoon and pusher. The bottom of the plate contains rubber, which keeps the plate from sliding. This is a great concept. The plate is a great buy at $14.95.

I absolutely love the utensils. The set consists of a fork, spoon and a pusher and the construction is superb. The construction is important to me, because my 18 month old grandson believes everything is made to be thrown. He's learning to feed himself, so I thought this set would be perfect. When I gave him the spoon, he immediately pointed to his dump truck. He loves it. I carry it in my diaper bag now. He loves to eat his ice cream off it when we're out and about. He also uses the fork for his corn, mac and cheese and Cheerios. Yes, he uses it for Cheerios too, lol.

Be warned, these utensils are so cute your toddler won't want to share. My grandson's cousin visited and wanted to use his spoon at breakfast. Oh my, let the fun begin. Xavier wasn't happy about sharing, so guess who will be buying a set of utensils for visiting cousins in the near future? The set is $19.95 and is available in pink and green.

I highly recommend this feeding set for a birthday or Christmas gift or a fun way to get your toddler to eat. We would love to know your thoughts on this set, so please leave us a comment.


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