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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

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Each year I plant petunias on my deck. I went on vacation and when I returned I found this planter in full bloom. When I first noticed it, my response was WTH? Who planted these flowers? I knew I hadn't planted them. I had decided to powerwash and stain the deck before planting any perennials this year and those two tasks had not been completed.

I noticed the colors were in tune with my theme from last year. I thought for a brief moment my significant other had planted them while was I gone, but this planter was the only one that contained blooms. So, that idea didn't last long.

I concluded they were the annuals that I planted from last year. Needless to say I was shocked, I didn't know that petunias rebloomed from one year to the next. Here they are and as beautiful as they were last year. Never underestimate the power of mother nature and our Heavenly Father.

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