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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

I have often wondered how a mother can just walk away from her children. I know there are times when a mother simply can't care for them and they are better off with someone who can, but Debbie Rowe is one of the most pathetic excuses for a mother that I have witnessed in my lifetime.

Who bargains for their children? What type of woman accepts money to stay out of their children's life and when they see an opportunity to fill their pockets with money again they resurface? Being a mother has been one if not the greatest achievement in my life. I would literally kill for my daughter and now my daughter and grandson. I can't imagine giving birth and just handing my child over to her father and saying she's yours. I also can't imagine him handing me millions of dollars and telling me bye-bye, don't come back and I agree. If you're going to serve as a surrogate, play your role and move on.

When I see this woman flash across the TV screen, I just shake my head. The last time I saw her she was screaming and using profanity on national television because a paparazzi touched her. My first thought was, wow this is a woman who's going to court to fight for custody of Michael Jackson's children. She really knows how to carry herself in public, she has a lot of class. What happened to excuse me, but I would appreciate it if you would not touch me. I can only imagine what she would teach those poor children if she's granted custody. How to kick someone's butt?

The children have obviously been well taken care of. Besides being adorable, they are highly educated and well-rounded. It has been reported that they speak 4 languages. Most people struggle with English. So whether it was Michael Jackson or the nanny who guided them, they've done a great job with the children. I hope that they will continue to be nurtured and lead in the right direction, I just hope it's not that trashy looking poor excuse for a mother leading them.

It's doubtful that she will be granted custody, I truly don't believe she wants them she just looking for a payday once again. How do you go through $8.5 million dollars and a mansion to a rancher on a horse farm. No concept of motherhood and no concept of money.

I pray for the children, and I hope they end up in a comfort home with people who love them and people who will help them perserve loving memories of their father.

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