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Thursday, 6 August 2009

I've really enjoyed working in my yard this year. Especially since Gran's little helper, my 2 year old grandson, has been on hand to assist with watering, pulling weeds and sometimes pulling off Gran's blooms. I wanted to plant a vegetable garden this year, but time wasn't on my side so I decided to focus on the deck and shubbery beds. I do plan to prepare the ground this fall for my vegetable garden, so I can ensure spring planting.

My grandson who lives near the beach is visiting for a week. He has enjoyed playing in the dirt and watering Gran's plants during the visit. So much a fight that includes kicking and screaming usually occurs before I can get him back in the house. He's such a joy, I quickly forget the rebellion. I think it's important that a child grow up with great memories of visiting their grand parents, so I try to expose him to as many things as possible when he visits. I want him to grow up having memories of be able to run freely in the backyard, watching the bunny rabbits feast, the ground hogs waddle across the yard, and the deer peek through the bushes and trees. I mention the deer lovingly, but those beautiful creatures ate Gran's impatients down to the ground last year.

My deck looks great, if I may say so myself. I'm a petunia lover, so I make sure they're the star on my deck in the summer. I have two stars this year, my petunias and my grandson who's watering my petunias with his own little watering can. It's so cute. I also purchased a little rake and shovel for him too. I'm pleased with this planter, it's filled with Walmart clearance items. Don't you love it. I found the planter (below) in bloom when we returned from vacation back in June. I thought someone had stopped by and planted the petunias for me, but soon realized the plants were from last year and they had rebloomed. That's unusual for annuals. Not only have they rebloomed, they look better than they did last year.

It's amazing what regular watering and a little Miracle Gro will do for your plants. The picture below is the top planter after 30 days. The petunias are in full bloom and the Vinca has grown down to the deck floor.

I tried a new deck plant this year, a Carribean plant (shown below). I was actually looking for a hanging basket at one of the local nurseries, and spotted this plant. It stood out, so I decided that I just couldn't leave without one. I ended up grabbing two and left with no hanging basket, lol. This plant has yellow, red and purple blooms. It's very easy to maintain, it just requires water and an occasional feeding. No need for dead bloom removal, it blooms continuously. Now that I've experienced this beauty, I'm going to using it in my hanging baskets next year.

Since my grandson is only two, it's doubtful that he will remember this week with Gran. Even so, I will treasure it forever and I'm looking forward to spending time in our veggie garden next summer. We would love to hear about a great summer memory with your child or grand child. Please leave us a comment.


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