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Saturday, 19 September 2009

I spent a week in Savannah and Atlanta, a combination of business and pleasure. For the last few days of my stay I stayed at the fabulous Twelve Hotel. It was absolutely beautiful. The hotel is located in downtown Atlanta about 5 blocks from the Coca Cola Company, Aquarium, Olympic Park and the CNN Building. I was hoping that I would see that gorgeous Don Lemon or Dr. Gupta with his fine self, but it didn't happen. LOL! Fortune Magazine has name this hotel as one of the best business hotels in the country. Rightfully so. It was incredible.

There's a wonderful gourmet sandwich shop around the corner from the hotel, Jimmy Johns. They have the best sub sandwiches. It takes less than 5 minutes to get your order. By the time I paid, the sandwich was made, bagged and ready to go. If you want to splurge, visit BLT Steak on Ivan Allen Blvd. It's ranked as the number two steakhouse in Atlanta. It's also around the corner from the hotel. You see that I spoke of food first, that's my top priority rather I'm traveling for business or pleasure.

Now for my take on the hotel. There's nothing better than having the comforts of home while you're away. This hotel delivers. It has a full kitchen with gorgeous stainless steel appliances and cherry cabinets. It also offers a dining area and breakfast bar if you wish to cook. Not interested in cooking, they have a ghost computer where you can order room service and set your wake-up call on line. Room service can be expensive with the delivery fee and gratuity, but it was worth it. The hotel also delivers mixed drinks, wine, beer whatever your preference. If you want to socialize, they have an upscale restaurant and bar down stairs.

There's a balcony off the bedroom. I was on the 11th floor, so I didn't venture out too far. Although I'm a veteran flyer, I have a fear of being on balconies if I'm up that high. I wanted to admire the view of downtown Atlanta, so I did stick one foot out while holding on to the door, lol. Downtown Atlanta is beautiful at night. I tried to get a few night photos, but they didn't turn out. Proving once again, I need photography lessons.

I absolutely loved the bedroom. The decor was stunning. It was spacious, and offered ample closet and drawer space. It was decorated in a contemporary decor with a king size bed and full length stainless steel mirror. The bed was comfortable and the bedding soft. I woke up feeling rested and ready to start my day.

The hotel room had a separate shower, but I decided to filled this tub while I was there. I always carry candles when I travel. I lite my candles and soaked until the water turned cold. It was so relaxing. My tub is just as nice, but I'm always in a hurry so I jump in the shower. I've decided that I'm going to use it more often. It's good for these aching joints and old bones. Twelve Hotel offers a complimentary robe too. If you wish to purchase it will cost you $75.00. I didn't purchase, but I did make use of it. It was soft and comfortable. My body could get used to Egyptian cotton, lol. Than again anything would be better than my tattered and torn bathrobe at home.

In the summer, you can take a swim in the pool located on the roof top. I'm a veteran traveler, and this hotel met all my needs except one. It doesn't have a washer or dryer for hotel guest. It offers laundry service, but there's a fee for each piece of clothing. I had a week's worth of clothing with me, so I opted to carry my dirty laundry home somthing I hate to do.

The rooms start at $189.00 a night. The Marta Train is across the street, which takes you to the airport or the hotel will arrange a shuttle or a cab. I took a cab since I was carrying numerous bags. The hotel is located 12 miles from the airport, and they offer a flat rate fee of $30.00 for door to door service. If you're in the Atlanta area and looking for a 5 star hotel, Twelve Hotel is the place to stay. It's a business traveler's paradise. I thank my employer for such luxurious accommodations. They usually set me up at the Crown Plaza when I'm in Atlanta, but they out did themselves on this trip. I Loved Twelve Hotel.


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