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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I recently celebrated my birthday, and I've been reflecting on my years growing up. I born was in 1960. You remember the 1960's or at least heard of the hippies, psychedelic era, go go boots, hot pants, mini skirts, the peace sign, and Woodstock. There was alot going on during those years. I thought I would bring back a few memories or education those who were born years later to historic events, slang, fashion etc. during that time.

I was born in 1960, so I would have been between the age of newborn - 9 years old during this time. I grow up in a small town, so there wasn't many places to go or hang out. We just walked around town and just had fun. I remember seeing teenagers sitting on what we called "The Wall" just hanging out. They wore jeans, headbands, tie-dyed shirts, love beads, and walked barefoot or wore flip flops. It was the era of Peace and Love.

One of my fondest memories is my mother buying dye so we could tie-dye shirts in the backyard. She purchased tee shirts for us, and helped us place the rubberbands on the shirts in just the right spots. She repeated constantly, "Tie them tight". It was important that the rubber band be on the shirt tightly so we achieve the right circular affect. We had wore bell bottom jeans and peace signs. We had a great time.

Here is some of the slang that was used in the 1960's. I'm sure it will generate a few giggles:

  • A Gas - Having fun.
  • Ape: Upset, emotional etc.
  • Bad Ass - Someone who appeared tough
  • Ball - To party or have a good time
  • Bum a Smoke - Borrow a cigarette from somebody
  • Bitchin' - Great or good
  • Book - Leave the scene
  • Bookin' - Moving fast
  • Bread - Money
  • Bummed Out - Down or depressed
  • Burn Rubber - Squeal tires and leave a rubber burn
  • Candyass - Someone seen as a wimp or uncool
  • Chick - a girl/woman
  • Clean - Looking good
  • Crash - Go to bed or to sleep
  • Cruising - To drive around town looking for members of the opposite sex.
  • Decked Out - Dressed Up
  • Dibs - To own it.
  • Dig - Do you understand what's being said?
  • Don't Sweat It - Don't let something bother you.
  • Far-out - Sonething is awesome
  • Fine as Wine - Someone who is good-looking
  • Fink - Tattletale
  • Five Finger Discount - Something obtained by stealing it
  • Flower Child - A Hippie
  • Fox - A good looking chick
  • Fuzz - The Police
  • Groovy - Something is cool or nice.
  • Hang Loose - Take it easy
  • Hickey - A passion mark on the neck.
  • Hip - To be cool.
  • Hunk - A good looking guy.
  • Later - Goodbye
  • Lay It On Me - Tell me about it.
  • Loaded - Someone who is drunk.
  • Make Out - Kissing
  • Moon - To drop your pants and show your bare butt
  • Old Lady or Old Man - Mom and Dad.
  • On the Rag - In a bad mood.
  • Pig - A Cop
  • Rap - To talk/have a conversation
  • Ride - A car, truck, or motorcycle
  • Right On - Exactly/got that right.
  • Score - To have sex with a girl.
  • Shades - Sunglasses
  • Shotgun - The passenger seat of the car.
  • Skirt - A girl
  • Split - To leave
  • Square - Not cool
  • Stacked - A girl with a nice shape.
  • The Bird - The middle finger.
  • Threads - Nice Clothes.

I hope you enjoyed our list of 60's slang. We want to know what was happening during your birth year. Leave us a comment with the slang that was popular during that time or add to our list of 60's slang.


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