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Saturday, 17 October 2009

We decided to enroll Xavier in Nursery School. This is a picture of my little sweetie on his first day, isn't he adorable. He's wearing new gear that he received for his birthday, new jeans, a Cars tee and carrying his new backpack from grandma and granddaddy.

Over the pass few months, we found that he wasn't keen on the idea of sharing with other children. His idea of playing with other children is to take everything they pick up and claim it, Mine Mine. I have Mine Mine etched into my brain. He just turned 2 and he is an only child, so we thought Nursery School would benefit him.

When we were making a decision as to whether we should place him in school, I weighed the pros and cons. I honestly couldn't find any cons, but I found plenty of benefits:

  • He will learn to follow a routine.
  • He will learn to play with other children.
  • He will have an established nap/rest period.
  • He will learn the meaning of sharing.
  • He will have additional support with Potty Training.
  • He will see that other children don't have a "Nip Nip", aka pacifier and may want to get rid of it.
  • He will understand the concept of homework. He has an assignment every evening to ensure he learns his shapes, colors, numbers, the alphabet etc.
  • He will have experiences from field trips.
  • He will have great social skills and make new friends.

The first few days he cried when he was left, but he has quickly adapted and now waves good bye. He loves his new backpack, and picks out a few of his favorite cars to take each morning. He had made new friends, and looks forward to a new adventure each morning.

Have you had problems with your child not wanting to share? How did you resolve the problem? Please leave us a comment.


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