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Monday, 21 December 2009

Do you think Christmas has become too commercialized? Have we lost the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of our Lord and Savior? Each year I pick an angel from the Angel Tree in either Walmart or Kmart with the intent of sponsoring a child. I usually choose a little girl, since I love buying girl stuff. As a browsed the children's names and ages and what they wanted my response was WTH? They were asking for bicycles, digital cameras, Wii, clothes, shoes, coats and the list goes on. I did a calculation on at least 3 or 4 children's wish list and they totaled hundred of dollars each. I walked away without sponsoring a child this year. I could have selected a few items from the angel card, but I was left wondering what we're doing to the children in this country.

I have sponsored a child for years, and this is the first year that I've witnessed these types of items on their wish list. Normally they have a coat, shoes, boots and a few items such as a games, barbies, paints etc. What are we doing to our children in this country that they are asking for charity that equates to hundreds of dollars?

I feel bad that I walked away, but I was so shocked that I felt it was best for me to leave the store and think about what I witnessed. I've read several posts where many parents are out of work, and they will be unable to meet their children's wish list. They're feeling guilty. Personally, I'm making many of my gifts this year. I'm knitting scarves for all the girls and I've set a budget of $20.00 for a gift to go along with it. The siblings in my family stopped exchanging gifts years ago, we only purchase for the children. I take out a Christmas Club for my grandson and I set a limit of $50 for my daughter and SIL. I host Christmas dinner for my siblings and I'm grateful for their company throughout the day. That is gift enough for me.
I believe this country has fallen off track with the true meaning of Christmas. Children expect way too much from parents these days. I refuse to belong to the debt club. I relinquished my membership years ago.

I may return and purchase a few things from one of the lists tomorrow, but I truly had to regroup when I saw the requests. Do you think Christmas has become too commericalized? Approximately 78% of our readers say yes, and approximately 28% say no. What are you teaching your children about Christmas? Do you go into debt on Christmas gifts? I would love to hear your opinion about the Angel Tree I encountered. Please leave us a comment.


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