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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Would you turn your 6 year old in for stealing a pack of stickers? Would you allow the cops to place them into the squad car and haul them off for shoplifting? Check out this video. A mom wanted to teach her 6 year old a lesson for shoplifting, so she turned her daughter into store security. To enforce the lesson, they called the cops and placed her in the squad car.

When I saw the video my response was wow. I asked myself if I would have gone to that extreme. I never had a problem with my daughter stealing, but I certainly would have wanted to teach her a lesson. I'm thinking my solution would have been to make my daughter put the stickers back since we were still in the store and I would have further explained that stealing is wrong we must pay for items that we take from a store.

I've heard of parents using this tactic and the cops playing along. I'm also wondering where a 6 year old learned how to steal. Her sister told on her, so they're obviously being taught right from wrong. I also wonder why she just didn't ask her mother for the stickers.

Whatever the reason, I hope she learned a lesson. Children usually steal to get even, to get more attention, or so they can give themselves or someone else a gift. It seems that this little girl was stealing for herself, so I'm wondering if it was for attention or she's feeling deprived at home in some way. In addition to teaching her child a lesson, maybe mom should take a look at herself and what's going on inside her home. She may get to the root of the problem, and not have to deal with this action again.

Have you had a problem with your child or children stealing? Do you think this mom was wrong in the way she handled this situation? How would you have handled it? Please leave us a comment, we would love to hear your opinion.


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