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Friday, 5 February 2010

I'm a little behind with my posting and this story is several weeks old, but I had to share it with my readers. Last week I read a story that just made me shudder. I found it unimaginable. A son, 15, and daughter, 12, were accused of beating their mother at the request of their father. According to the story, the parents were engaged in a bitter custody battle and the mother was seeking $20,000 in back child support. The father encouraged his children to kill their mother with a baseball bat. To add even more disbelief to the story, the father joined them. Yep, the sick SOB entered the home and beat her with their children.

The mother testified that she woke up to her children beating her. The son, who lived with his father, broke into her home and begin beating her with a bat while she slept. Shortly thereafter the father entered the home and joined the two children in the beating. She managed to escape into a bathroom and called 911, but only to have her ex-husband knock down the door while she was on the phone and drag her out into the hallway where he and the son continued to beat her. According to the dispatcher and testimony, you could hear the ex-husband yelling in the background on the 911 tape for his son to "hit her harder". Thank goodness she was able to escape again. This time she ran out of the house and down the street with her son following her with the baseball bat. This was the scene that police witnessed when they arrived. With God's grace, she lived to tell the story and witness her ex-husband be sentenced to 25 years in prison. As far as I'm concerned, 25 years isn't enough.

I thought about my daughter and if she could possibly be capable of trying to kill me. I'm sure she thought about it during her teen years when she accused me of ruining her life, but I don't believe she could have followed through with literally making the attempt. I certainly can't imagine her father encouraging her to kill me in spite of the bitterness that occurred at times during our divorce. What mother could believe that her child was capable of killing her? What could possibly transpire between two parents that one could encourage their children to kill the other. How do you become so filled with hatred that you participate in such a heinous act? Child support payments and custody? Please, there has to be much deeper issues than that.
The son was sentenced to 3 years in a state youth center, and the daughter was given immunity for testifying against her father. I thought about the mother and how she could ever forgive her son for trying to kill her. I know that he was under the influence of his father, but at age 15 he was old enough to know better too. How could she ever trust her son again. I also thought about the son and how he would be affected for the rest of life. He beat his mother at the encouragement of his father. How sick is this?
I pray for this family, and hope they find the courage and strength to heal. Would love to hear you comments on this story.


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