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Monday, 15 February 2010

Like all little boys, my 2 year old grandson is into dinosaurs. It didn't start out that way, he was actually afraid of them last summer. We took him to Dinosaur Land (top picture) last summer and he freaked out. I don't know if it was the size of the displays or what, but he wanted nothing to do with Dinosaur Land. He displayed his displeasure by screaming to the top of lungs and insisted that he be picked up. I'm finding that he is afraid of everything, but that's a story that I will be posting about shortly.

My SIL got him this adorable Dinosaur Set for Christmas and he loves it. I would highly recommend this set if your son or daughter is into dinosaurs. This is the Animal Planet Big Tub of Dinosaurs. I love it too. The set includes dinosaurs of all sizes, rocks and trees and a nice strong container to hold it all. Xavier spends hours arranging and rearranging the dinosaurs. We purchased this set from Toys R Us for $19.99, but Amazon and Babies R US carries it as well.

Getting Xavier to bed at times can be a chore. On this particular night I was putting in extra effort to him to go night night. Rather than him going to bed, he put the dinosaurs to bed. He came over to me, patted me on the arm and said, "Ma Ma dinosaurs go night night for you". Needless to say, Xavier was up way past his bed time. How can you resist something this adorable.


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