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Sunday, 9 May 2010

For those who follow my blog regularly, I'm sure you noticed that I have been Missing In Action. I haven't posted much this year. I've been feeling down for the past month or so, and my heart just hasn't been in my blog. I actually thought about giving it up, but I'm starting to feel better and my passion for writing has re-emerged. I've learned not to make rash decisions, they have always come back to haunt me. I think I just needed to take a break and reassess my life and priorities.
I've had a major change in my life, I've found myself single again. It's not a bad thing, hell I've been single for most of life. I've been successful in every area of my life except for men. I've wondered why. It is me? Relationships just don't seem to be in the cards for me, so I've decided to continue to enjoy my role as mother, grandmother, manager, entrepreneur, traveler, scrapbooker, amateur photographer, gardener, true crime reader, product reviewer, and my list goes on.
I believe things happen for a reason, and I found the answer to my questions in a place that I'm sure we all frequent. My niece posted this on Facebook this morning and it's perfect for where I am in my life:

People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.
Such wisdom coming from this young lady. Whatever happens in life, stay true to you. You can learn from so many people, and you never know where you will find the answer to your questions. With that in mind, I will continue to share my wisdom, joy, successes and failures, recipes, parenting tips and give aways. You may find what you're looking for right here at Mother 2 Mother.
I'm thankful for each of you, and I hope that you will continue to support my blog. I've missed you guys, but I'm back. Stay tuned for more great posts from Mother-2-Mother.


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