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Thursday, 17 June 2010

What an idiot! You've heard the controversy with Perez Hilton and the Miley Cyrus photo, right. If you haven't, Perez Hilton placed a link on his Twitter Account that opened to a photo of Miley Cyrus getting out of a vehicle in an "unlady like fashion". I watched him on The Joy Behar show tonight trying to explain himself. His explanation, she knew pictures were being taken of her, she should be careful how she exits a car. Hello, she's 17 you fool.

I'm not a big fan of Miley Cyrus, but I am a mother. People are in an uproar over his attempt to exploit a 17 year old child in this manner. Rightfully so, I would be furious if someone posted a photo of my minor child on-line with her skirt or dress a little too high because she was struggling to get out of a vehicle. Perez went on to say he thought the photo was funny and further reinforced her provocative behavior so to speak. I saw the photo, and it appears that she just didn't think about what she was wearing, her focus was just on getting out the car. The car appeared to be a low, 2 seater. Have you tried getting out of one? Hell, I have a difficult time getting out of an SUV. My skirt probably would have been around my head if I had to get out of a vehicle that low.
I don't know of any responsible adult, that would post a photo of a child on-line and pretty much say she asked for it. She knew she was being photographed. She's no longer a child, and it seems people want her to stay a little girl on the Disney channel. Yes, she's been photographed in what some would call provocative photos. In particular, with a sheet wrapped around her, dancing up against an older man at a party and in her underwear. Lets face it, there's a new generation out there with a totally different view and manner of dress. This young lady is growing up and she'll make plenty of mistakes as we all have and are still doing. We're just not in the eyes of the camera.
There is no acceptable explanation for what is suppose to be a grown man who would post a photo of her in that position. I wonder how he would feel if that was his daughter? We as adults need to remember that children should not be the objects of ridicule for any reason. It's funny, we're suppose to be the adults and should be examples for our children. Perez Hilton made an attempt to show a 17 year old's ass, but he ended up being the biggest one.


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