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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Help I Need A Date!  I understand a woman being lonely and wanting to meet someone special, but to call 911 for a date.  This is one of the most desperate measures that I've ever hear someone take who was looking for love.

Bernadette Music, from Ohio, called 911 4 - 5 times looking for a date.  Initially, she hang up.  The dispatcher called her back, and she proceeded to request a date.  The dispatcher tried to explained that 911 was in place for emergencies not to find her a date.  Miss Bernadette proceeded to explain that she gets lonely and the date lines were f****** her around.  She received a date, just not the one she was looking for. 

She was arrested for disorderly conduct.  In addition to the 911 calls, she urinated in the hallway of her apartment building.  She's a real lady isn't she.  Miss Bernadette stated that she doesn't remember calling 911 or talking to the dispatcher.  Talking about being crocked.  When you can't remember what you say or do when you consume alcohol, you really need to leave it alone.  What's really funny is that this woman claims to be in a committed relationship.  This should be a wake up call for him, lol.  

Miss Bernadette ended up with a date.  Her court date is set for September.  Lets hope she gets the help that she needs.    


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