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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Do you know either of these girls?  If not, consider yourself  lucky.  If you do know them you better watch your back.  These two Florida teens, 15 and 16, have been arrested for setting up phony Facebook pages that were X-rated.  Yep, they pasted the face of a school mate whom they didn't like on a nude body with an erect penis beside her and filled the page with language that is despicable.  They thought it was a funny joke.  They're now charged with felony stalking of a minor. 

While the hoax was playing out, the mother of a fourth student who monitors what her daughter is doing on-line, saw the page and alerted authorities.  The young lady whom they plastered on the page, was beginning to be teased and ridiculed as a result of the hoax.  Investigators managed to get the IP Address of one of the girls.  She had actually put the account in her mother's name.  When her mother asked why she would do something so cruel, she answered, "She thought it would be a funny joke".  She also stated nobody liked her.  She sang like a canary on her partner in crime.  Now they are both being featured in the above mug shots and facing a felony.   

How could you not think that this kind of action would not be harmful to another person?  Why aren't parents monitoring what their children on doing on-line?  The answer, most parents are intimidated by the computer.  They lack computer skills and they don't seem to be displaying any interest in learning.

I don't have a teen, but I stay involved with my teen nieces and nephews.  I ask questions about their friends and what's happening in their life and I follow them on Facebook.  Parents, aunts, uncles, sisters and brothers, we have to stay involved with our children.  As the proverb goes, It takes a village to raise a child.  Like everything else, computer etiquette starts at home.  We need to discuss every days events with our children and what's happening in the news.  Cyber stalking is illegal and the consequences is certainly worth a conversation with your child.  It has dire consequences.

I don't consider myself to be technically savvy, but I know enough to be able to navigate the computer.  I'm up on the latest social networks and I can send a text.  Parents you have to take a class or better yet get your child to teach you.  They love showing off their computer skills.  My 9 year old nephew put a PowerPoint Presentation together, sent it to my sister and told her to give it to her employees so they will know how to put a presentation together.  Is this not amazing, lol.  

These 2 mug shots will be a lesson learned for the parents.  You have to keep up with your children.  Better yet stay in front of them so you can lead, if you can't stay in front of them than stay beside them.  Taking a class is cheaper than paying a lawyer to get your child out of a felony for on-line harassment.    

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