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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Are your kids bouncing off the walls after breakfast?  It could be that bowl of cereal that you placed in front of them this morning for breakfast.  I've never given Xavier, who's 3, cold cereal for breakfast, but it has crossed my mind.  There are mornings when I just don't feel like fixing pancakes or don't have the time, so I'm looking for other options.  I decided to research the sugar grams in cold cereal, and was quite surprised when I came across the best and worst cereal list.  I thought I would share it with you.  You too may be surprised by the sugar content, and may think twice about what you serve your children for breakfast.   Here's the list:

                                                               Worst Cereals

      • Honey Smacks                            17g      sugar
      • Golden Crisp                               15.5g   sugar
      • Lucky Charms                            12g      sugar
      • Fruit Loops                                  12g      sugar
      • Trix                                               11g      sugar
      • Envirokidz Koala                        11g      sugar 
      • Raisin Bran                                 10g      sugar 
      • Sugar Frosted Flakes                  8g      sugar     

                                        Best Cereals

      •  Mini Wheats                                7.5g    sugar
      •  Life                                                6   g     sugar
      • Rice Krispies                               4   g     sugar
      • Wheaties                                       4  g      sugar
      • Kix                                                  3  g      sugar
      • Corn Flakes                                  2  g      sugar
      • Cheerios                                        1  g      sugar
      • Shredded Wheat                           0 g       sugar

It looks like Kix may be the cereal that I try.  It has less sugar, and could excite my grandson to want to eat it.  Right now if I don't fix pancakes for him, I give him oatmeal.  He loves both with an apple slice.  A piece of bacon or sausage link is a treat.  Occassionally, I do allow him to eat a butternut butter and jelly sandwhich with a glass of milk when he's visiting too.  What do you feed your child for breakfast?  I'm looking for ideas, I may take you up on it.   


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