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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Do you remember Ronald McDonald and the cast of characters in McDonald Land?  I loved the Hamburglar and Officer Big Mac.  In recent years Ronald McDonald  and his friends have made few appearances on TV or any of the McDonald's restaurants.  It seems his character is a thing of the past except for his appearances relating to the Ronald McDonald House.   With all the negative publicity about the fat grams in their food and mothers suing because their children want Happy Meals and they just can't tell them no, McDonald's have decided to place their focus on their coffee rather than their burgers. 

It's rather sad that a cast of characters have been abandoned.  I loved taking my daughter to play in McDonald Land Saturday afternoons when she was growing up.  She ate a happy meal every Saturday, and she's healthy and happy.  I find it rather disturbing that obesity is being blamed on corporations such as McDonald's when in fact the parents should take responsibility for their own inability to control their child's diet.  I guess it's easier to point the finger at somebody else rather than look in the mirror and say I'm the problem.  My parenting skills need some work. 

It also saddens me because you can't find a McDonalds that has any of the characters incorporated into their playgrounds anymore.  I would love for my grandson to see Officer Big Mac, Mayor McCheese, Grimace and the Fry Kids.  Instead McDonald's is changing their marketing gimmicks to the more sophisticated consumer.  They carry iPads and text what they have to say all hours of the day and night.  They sip lattes, mochas, cappuccinos and espressos after clubbing or on their way to work and they're about 50 cents less a cup than Starbucks.  They can use the drive through to get their favorite beverage and do it 24 hours a day. 

I'm all for modern technology and change, but on the other hand I'm saddened to see something that used to make me happy placed on a shelf.  I guess this is another instance of all good things must come to an end.       


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