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Saturday, 16 July 2011

When I saw these adorable pancake molds, I couldn't resist.  My Xavier wakes every morning looking forward to helping Mama make his favorite pancakes when he's visiting.  I allow him to choose between barnyard animals, dinosaurs, and an airplane or choo choo train, which are not shown.   He makes a happy plate when I make pancakes, lol.  Some mornings I just don't feel like making pancakes, and I try to bribe him with yogurt or some other quick meal, but the majority of the time he doesn't take the bribe.  He enjoys helping me mix the batter and watching me pour them into the molds.   I must admit, I enjoy eating a cow or pig pancake too. 

I found these molds on e-bay.  They're easy to use as long as you spray the molds well with PAM as well as the griddle.  I allow the molds to heat up before I pour the batter into them.  This ensures they lift from the batter easily I've found that a measuring cup works well in controlling the batter when pouring it into the molds. 

Make sure your kids enjoy breakfast with fun pancakes.  Add a few fresh strawberries or apple slices with the pancakes, and you're guaranteed a happy plate too.   Bon Appetit'!


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