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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Nasty Gal I love you! One of my favorite stores to shop for cool tops, shorts and shoes! My latest find is this sweater! Isn't it absolutely gorgeous.  Another recent purchase is the shorts I got from I love Hudson Denim and these shorts are no exception .

P.S. You will probably notice a flash of blue denim in one of the pictures at the end. I must confess I get cold easily so I borrowed a pair of jeans from Emil. He thought I looked absolutely hilarious and kept snapping photos of me. In his defense, I did look ridiculous, you see,  he is probably 4 sizes bigger than I am. As we were taking pictures they kept sliding off, so I tried to hold back a smile, take a picture and to stop the jeans from falling off. In case you are wondering, the jeans won! He literally begged me to post a few of them here. But upon further consideration I don't think my blog would have survived such humiliation. Let's put it this way, cars were honking as they were passing by! And not the good kind of honking either:)

Peace and Love Everyone,

Shredded Varsity Sweater -, Hudson Cuffed Denim Shorts -, Wedges - Dolce Vita from, Jewelry - Lucky Brand


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