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Monday, 12 September 2011

(Zara Animal Print Blouse, Asos Handbag, Skinny Jeans in Gold, Giuseppe Zanotti Heels, YSL Arti Ring, Planet Blue Bracelets)

I would like to start by congratulating A Heel in Mint for winning International Blouse & Pendant Giveaway! 

Last week a lovely package came for me, I opened it up only to find the most gorgeous pair of goldish-yellow jeans in the world! I of course love the color but I also love the way they fit, just the right amount of spandex, if you know what I mean:) What do you guys think, aren't they absolutely fabulous! I decided to pair it with my new Zara shirt for more drama. Love animal print for fall, although I refuse to believe Summer is over! It happens every year, I wear my sandals until December, at which point my toes fall off and I am forced to accept that Winter is here! Oh well, however long it takes:)

I hope you are having a wonderful week,


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