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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Looks who's 4! My Xavier is turning into quite the young man. I remember the day the nurse rolled him out of the delivery room to the nusery.  I had to stop the nurse.  I remember yelling, "Wait a minute. Where are you going that's my grandson".   This little guy changed my life forever.  

We celebrated his 4th birthday at Chuck E Cheese this year.  I missed decorating for his party, but with my daughter giving birth to Zarriah 2 months early having someone else do the work turned out to be a blessing.  We had a ball and so did the kids.  Here's my little King sitting at the head of the table waiting to blow out the candles on his Spiderman cake.  Have you ever seen someone's hair catch on fire?  The hostess caught her hair on fire while lighting Xavier's candles.  Thank goodness, she was able to quickly stop it from burning, the kids weren't devastated, and she wasn't hurt. 

We had his cake made at one of the local bakeries, and it was adorable.  One of the lessons learned over the years, is that we order too much cake.  By the time the guests eat the main items, which happened to be pizza this year, there's not much room for cake. We ordered enough for 10 - 15 people, and it turned out to be just enough.  Just a few slices to carry home and we polished it off later that night.  We had ice cream cups for the kids, which pretty much would have gone to waste if the adults didn't devour them, lol. 

This is Xavier playing one of the games and dancing with Chuck E Cheese.  The party was well organized.  We had the tables for 2 hours, which allowed the kids to play games, eat, and enjoy the show with Chuck E Cheese.  The decorations were quite and the party very entertaining for the children.  The pizza was delicious.  They also have a great salad bar if pizza isn't your thing. 

These are pictures of some of the decorations at our table.  I thought the balloon was too cute.  Xavier was able to take it home and have hours of fun tossing it around. 

This was the background of the party.  The stage had this cute little band that played music when Chuck E Cheese and the children danced.  I would highly recommend you having your child's party at this establishment.  The best part, we didn't have to clean up. 


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