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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I received the Fearless Five Super Hero books.  They were beautifully packaged and wrapped with a pretty orange ribbon.  There are five books in the series, I ordered the complete set.  I'll start with the first book entitled Genesis of the Fearless Five.  The book is beautifully illustrated.  The characters are adorable and the colors in the book bright.  This book is about the creation of the Fearless Five.  It teaches children to use their imagination, which is exactly what they do.  They work together to come up with the names Phenom, Tank, Element, Blaze and Bender.  Thus we have the creation of the Fearless Five.  During the creation of the Fearless Five the children make remarks about each other's looks and abilities.  The lesson in this book is self-esteem and having a positive image of yourself and what you can do in spite of what others think about you.  Another lesson is to get outside and away from the computer games and explore mother nature.  I agree, our children are losing the value of being outside and exploring nature, exercising and being able to entertain themselves.  

The second book is The Missing Baby Birds.  Again, this book encourages the children to go outside and create their own fun instead of playing video games.  They discover a bird's nest, but the baby birds are missing.  They go on a mission to find the baby birds and return them to their mommies.  They discover that the baby birds are lured out of the nest and "birdnapped" by the wicked Cyren.  When the Fearless Five first encounter Cyren, they are frightened of her.  They overcome their fears and set the baby birds free so they can return to their mommies.  The lesson in this book is to be aware of Strangers and to run to a safe adult if the stranger tries to lure them or makes them feel uncomfortable.

The third book is The Really Hot Day.  The lesson in this book is to conserve water.  The Fearless Five are unable to enjoy a dip in the pool because Mr. Dome wants to cause a drought, and corner the market on the water in the city.  The Fearless Five capture Mr. Dome and the villains flee.  The water is returned to normal and the Fearless Five enjoy popsicles and a dip in the pool for their reward. 

The fourth book is The Total Blackout.  The lesson in this book is to conserve energy.  Dr. Dome sends one of his villians to consumer all the wasted energy in the city.  The more wasted energy the villains consumes, the stronger Dr. Dome gets.  The Fearless Five will have none of it.  They cause the villains to blow a circuit and power is restored. 

The fifth book in the series is The Big Mess.  The lesson in this book is about bullying.   Phenom is captured by Dr. Dome who is mean to her.  He ties her up and bullies her.  To the rescue the Fearless Five go

Each book has a lesson plan in the back, which will help with teaching the lesson to your child.  Again, the book is beautifully illustrated and the colors bright.  The series is appropriate for ages Pre-K and up.   

All and all, I'm pleased with the purchase.  I see myself reading this series of books over and over to my grandson.  Head over to the Fearless Five website and make a purchase today. 


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