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Sunday, 5 February 2012

I  knew before I had my baby that I wanted a sling to help keep baby close and let me do other things at the same time. I wanted one that I didn't have to adjust or tie or anything complicated like that. I was given a hotslings pouch sling, which I had registered for at Target.  I also wanted a cheap option because I knew they could cost a lot and I didn't want to burden my relatives.  I used the sling only a few times because I could never really get Tubby or myself comfortable in it. I had hoped it would help me breastfeed but the pouch just didn't have him positioned well enough for it.  The pouch didn't stretch so Tubby sat too high when he was bigger and too low when he was newborn.  Most of the time I just  plain forgot about using it. Here we are one of the few times I had Tubby in my hotslings pouch sling. He got super chubby from all that breast milk. I stopped using it completely shortly after this; I think he was about four months old.

I looked around for another alternative. I was lucky enough to find the HugaMonkey organic sling; bonus, it was cheaper then my first sling! It was stretchy because of the organic fabric but also had a wider fabric style so it could accommodate a larger baby. I got the XS size after contacting the company to see how the sizes worked out. I usually opt for the smallest size for myself because I am fairly thin and just about 5"4'. I was very happy with my decision. The HugaMonkey sling allowed me to breastfeed comfortably and also fit Tubby a lot better. I used this sling for over a year; it went on vacation with us.  Whenever we went anywhere my baby was happily snuggled and secure. Here we are waiting at the airport for our night flight to Sweden. I was hoping he would be lulled to sleep next to my chest but that plan failed miserably.
When Tubby got too heavy for the pouch sling I did some research and decided we needed a backpack carrier. Enter boba.  It was perfect. It literally resembles a hiking backpack with padded straps, a chest clip and a padded hip/back supporting waist belt.  I could not believe the relief and comfort of putting my heavy toddler in this carrier and walking around like a weight was lifted off my (one) shoulder. It was fantastic. Tubby loved it and I had tremendously more freedom of movement.  We have used it around the house so I can get cooking or chores done when he is cranky. We have also used it on walks to Target or the library, both in warm weather and recently in the snow. Here is a picture of my sister using it. I don't think there is a single picture of me using the boba carrier because it is usually during the day when I am home alone.
Have you ever used a baby carrier or considered using one? Did my information help you find out more about carrier choices? I hope you at least got an idea that there are many types available and that you may need to have several different types as your baby grows and changes.


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