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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I thought I knew what I wanted.
I thought I had what I needed.

Before the baby was born I knew I wanted to use cloth diapers. I had never done it before but I knew it would be part of my routine. I would start with disposables until I got the hang of it. I started with the only way I knew to cloth diaper: pre-folds and vinyl pants. This was the way my aunt did it with both her children and that worked out just fine. The big difference in the way we cloth diapered would be that she had a diapering service whereas I would do my own cloth laundry.

I started with Gerber supplies. I found both the waterproof pants and the organic, unbleached prefolds at  BabiesRus. I had a lot of coupons and I loved walking around the store finding new items and deals.  I was going to cloth diaper my baby!  When I tried it the first few times, the pee just ran straight through the diaper, pants and clothing onto the bed. This was not good. He was too small I thought. I will wait a while and try again. Time passed; I could not tell you how long. By then I had learned a few things I didn't know before I started using the cloth diapers.

One: you have to "prep" the diapers by washing them several times and drying them before you ever use them, so that fabric absorption is maximized.  Natural fibers such as the organic cotton pre-folds I had needed to be washed more times than their synthetic counterparts.

Two: there were other ways to diaper than the one way I knew! I found out that there are diaper cover with pockets and snaps that are easy to use and cheap! I could even use my organic prefolds as inserts in them.  

My next step was to buy a few covers on eBay since they were cheapest there. They came with microfiber inserts which were new to me. I would give them a try. I only bought two because I was not about to make a huge investment into something I was not prepared for....


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