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Saturday, 11 February 2012

No, this is not the view out my window, although there is currently snow on the ground outside.  It was the view from the window of our cabin when we stayed with my in-laws in the mountains of Northern Sweden.  Ramundberget sits near the border of Norway, south east of Trondheim. It was a cold, cold March. The nights were so cold that I had to cover my face with a scarf on the 8 minute walk home from the restaurant to our cabin. So cold that the breath I exhaled landed on my lashes and formed an icicle mascara. Oh, I wish I had that picture to show you! It was comically cold. 

Another memorable outing we took involved snow mobiles. I had no idea I needed to cover my face under the helmet. I thought I was going to die half way up the mountain as the wind was blazing cold across my face.  I finally got to wrap up and drive the snow mobile myself so that I could also have hand and foot warmers from the engine. Driving up a mountain in a circle on snow involves some sliding; it was a little scary.  Our goal was a special restaurant named Kari Knallen at the top of the mountain which featured an open fireplace.  It served waffles with hjortron sylt (cloudberry jam) and cream. Those were the best waffles I had ever eaten. (That title would soon be challenged by the chocolate covered waffles we had in Brussels, Belgium that summer.)  After our well deserved warming up, we got the news that my husband's brother had had his first child.  We were all exhilarated as we scooted down the mountain. 

That was the coldest trip I ever took. It was also unforgettable for many reasons. It was the closest I would ever get to the top of the world.


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