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Friday, 3 February 2012

Before I burst into a few facts about myself...did you get a chance to checkout my first post titled: Two Truths and a Lie?  Please do so before I spoil all the fun for you :)

Now, here we go.

I do not have a twin sister. I do have a sister, who at times looks like me. She even used my ID once to get into a bar. But enough about that.  I also have a brother. He is married with four kids. I did have a roommate in college some people thought was my sister. That was pretty funny to hear every time.

I did play water polo in high school. I was not a huge athlete; I just preferred non-traditional sports. I played badminton too. Both were intramural sports which means it's for fun and not competitive. I did grow up playing cricket with my dad and brother, a sport played around the world by the British colonies.  That fact brings me around to the last truth.

I was born in the British colony of Guyana.  It is situated on the Caribbean Sea in South America. I lived there with my brother and parents until we immigrated to the Chicago area decades ago.


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