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Friday, 24 February 2012

Today as Tubby was resting, FedEx delivered a huge TV.  Hubby broke down and bought his LED TV without telling me. The remote was broken on our LCD TV so he wanted to get a new TV. It stayed in the garage until he came home.  Hubby's comment when he came to see me: you won a TV?  Yeah, right, I said. I thought he was joking to cover the fact that he didn't tell me before his huge purchase. No, he insisted, unless it was a mistake on Amazon...really??

I suggested we check all our credit cards to make sure we didn't "accidentally" purchase this huge and expensive TV. We hadn't, it turns out. I must have won it. I was giddy with excitement. Had I really won it?? I tried to recall all the contests I had entered during Christmas. Everyone had a 12 days of Christmas promotion. I did remember entering one for an LED TV because Hubby said that is what he wanted. I actually won one for him? I could not believe it; my mind was reeling. The box was sent from Toshiba headquarters. I had won a 47 inch 3D LED TV. I tried finding out where but I had no real leads. Does it matter?  I really want to know. I really, really do.

I usually know what I've won because the blog owner will email me with details. I enter contests and sweepstakes to win things from chocolate to (mostly) cloth diapers to (this time) flat screen TVs.  I entered this contest because it was for an LED TV, I told my husband, because that is what he wanted. I listen; here is the evidence. There is a phone number on the shipping label. I plan on calling it to see if I can find out where I won this huge surprise of a prize. Are you curious, too?


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