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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

First of all, please forgive the lack of clarity on my picture.  I have yet to figure out how to focus my billion pixel camera since it did not come with a manual. You read that right, no manual.
Were this picture actually in focus, you would be able to see ten items from IKEA in prominent use.  As I sit typing this in the room next to the one pictured, I see yet another six items!  The reasons I love this store are many. The items are affordable, stylish, functional, and sometimes so useful you can't believe you lived without one before seeing or buying it at IKEA.

So you don't go crazy trying to focus your eyes or get a big headache because you can't tell which items are pictured, I went through the catalog and found them. I will even go in an artistic order and move your eyes all around the canvas :) Enjoy! 
Wood highchair that fits my toddler comfortably
Ceramic coffee cup (a set of 6 with saucers)
Wood table and 4 chairs for $130 (!)
Neutral chair cushions
Veggie stuffed toy because Tubby loves his Broccoli
Square wall mirrors
Large hanging lamp
DVD wall storage
Wood storage bench
All wood, unfinished, child's chair

Ohh, and they have food. How could I forget the Swedish food market??   


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