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Sunday, 12 February 2012

I am participating in a fun hop hosted by Acting Balanced. Here are the questions and my answers. Feel free to answer in the comments section or link up the answers from your blog.

1. Are you planning anything for Valentine's Day?
2. What song automatically popped into your head when you saw this question?
3. What did you have for breakfast today?
4. Where do you keep your keys?
5. Who was your favorite teacher from when you were in school?

Acting Balanced

1. I am not planning anything for Valentine's day. I almost forgot it was around the corner since I hardly know what day it is to begin with. I do have some chocolates I bought a little while ago that I just remembered I had. I could give them to Hubby as a surprise.

2. I thought of the song "Saving All My Love for You". Whitney Houston on the brain....

3. I had a horrible breakfast. I ate the other half of a red velvet chocolate muffin from last night; and I had instant coffee in my organic soy milk.

4. My keys are usually on a hook below my letter cubbie. I also keep them on a peg with our winter coats and hats near the garage door.

5.  My favorite teacher was Mr. Willis from seventh grade. He lived near us for a while and got to know my parents. I was encouraged to join the track team which he also coached. I learned a lot from him but I also got a ribbing from him. I used a cursive "C" that looked like an "L". He called me Listerine.


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