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Friday, 17 February 2012

My baby wears cloth diapers. I mentioned my early adventures in an introductory post on the subject. I decided on reusable products for my son because they were better for his skin, better for the environment, and better for our budget.  There were numerous resources I started investigating to learn more about my cloth diaper options; and those resources led to my entering contests and giveaways for cloth diapers. It was through these same sources that I saw and ignored information on mama cloth. What could that be? Surely nothing for me.

So it finally dawned on me that for the same reasons stated above, I should start investigating cloth and other reusable options for myself. Not until very recently did I consider using such products.  Why was I exposing my most delicate and sensitive body parts to toxic chemicals unnecessarily and on a consistent, monthly basis? Serendipitously I had the great fortune of winning both a cloth pad set and a menstrual cup within the same week.  That sold it, I was about to have my first green period!

** Pre-Review**

On the GladRags blog I won a day pad set and a hilarious book titled "Read My Lips". (I might just do a review on that as well.)  The set includes 3 pads and 6 liners. Basically you can decide your own absorbency as necessary. I like that.  I have already prepped the pads by washing them and air drying them.

At the #PeriodTalk twitter party by, I won a DivaCup menstrual cup. It is a silicon cup used internally. It can be washed and reused over the course of your period. I hate that tampons dry you out so this is a great alternative. Menstrual cups can even be worn overnight. I love that.

Now that I have these good for me and good for the earth products, I just need to wait until my next cycle starts. Come back for the review soon :)


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