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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

We had to wait a week, in high anticipation I might add, for our Samsung Washing Machine. We went to the store on Monday night. The washer was delivered Monday morning. That is one week without a washer. It was funny too, because we got the delivery schedule call at 8:30 Sunday night saying they would be here between 7 and 9 the next morning. Wow.

Our old washer (we only had it for about five years, it was an appliance baby!) sounded like a jet engine when it was spinning. It was ridiculous. It was nerve-wracking. It made me stress about doing laundry. I could only do a wash when Tubby was awake. That might seem to be a large window of time, but I also had to rinse the wash several times because the machine used hardly any water and we have hard water. It was impossible to figure out how much detergent to use since it didn't really dissolve in the hard water and because the washer "sensed" how much water to use by the amount of laundry being done. While a good idea in theory, in practice it failed. I never knew how much detergent to use. I don't think my cloth diapers were really ever clean.

I was so sick of listening to the jet engine that I stopped using it. I couldn't take it anymore. On a whim we went to Lowes after dinner.  We never go out after dinner because it's when Tubby goes to bed. That night we made an executive decision to buy a new washer. I wanted a top loader because I had no control over the water level in our defunct front loader. I wanted to make sure I was using clean diapers on Tubby. We narrowed it down to two machines by Samsung and one by Electrolux. My choice won because it has an internal heater which we need since I also don't think the water was ever hot enough for the cloth diapers; and because it had a larger capacity.  We bought a Samsung HE front loader!!. I am going back on my word. When we moved in and replaced the old top loader I said I would never buy a top loader again. Was I ever wrong.

I am off to do my dozen loads of laundry now, with a smile.


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