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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Here are my accomplices. I can't believe it did it again. Story below.

The first time I tweeted, it was about locking my mother-in-law, Tubby and myself out of the house. I had detached my car keys from my house keys so I could attach them to my wallet. I had done that many, many times. I do this because the door to the garage is always open since Hubby goes out to work that way. I can open the garage door from the car, so who needs house keys?  The problem that time was that Hubby was away. The door to the garage was locked.   We could not get in...or so we thought. After much fussing and worrying, I asked our friendly neighbor police if he wouldn't mind using our ladder to climb in a window.  He was more than happy to help. Turns out our kitchen window was unlocked so he didn't have to climb up high to help us.

Apparently I did not learn my lesson from that incident. I did the same thing today, only there was no open window to climb into.  Luckily I did make extra house keys last time, which were in my sister's possession.  We were out of the house for two hours shopping as intended. I didn't realize I couldn't get into the house until I turned the handle on the entrance door from the garage to learn that it was locked! Oops, Hubby is traveling and did not unlock the door this morning!!  I had to call my sister and wait for her to drive home to get the keys and then drive them over to me. Three hours later we were in.

Why didn't I keep a set of spare keys in the garage as I had joked to my husband the first time it happened? I can't honestly say.

I do know what I am doing tomorrow, making more house keys and leaving one set in the garage :)


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