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Monday, 27 February 2012

This past week I had a few moments I was a little scared, a little stressed, and then very relieved.  Everything was fine and nothing actually happened. So much for my worrying mind. Here goes.

Scare One:

What would you think if your husband was out traveling, there was a heavy snowfall, you hadn't heard from him before his flight, and the airline had called your phone two times in two hours?  I managed to stay calm as I called and texted Hubby. No answer.  I called the airline back since there was no actual message.  Apparently they were calling me because I was one of several numbers they had. The flight was delayed, and delayed....but calling the home number (emergency contact!) was what the system decided to do. Hmm, that makes sense.  Finally Hubby emailed me back. Safe and sound he was, with his phone on but set to "no"alerts!

Scare Two:

What would you think if you woke up in the middle of the night to find your baby screaming, the hallway light not working, and the door to his bedroom open? I was just awake enough not to panic. I walked straight into the room not knowing what to expect.  My hand reached a naked arm - I yelled out.  It was Hubby! As usual, he was standing over the crib "about to" do something. I just grabbed Tubby and took him back into bed with me to calm down.  It's a rare occasion I am not the one to hear the crying first; I was very surprised Hubby was already there. I thought he was still in bed because his double covers were up by his pillow.  For future reference, I suggested he fold down his covers when he is out of bed so I know for sure!!

I got a mini flashback writing that second paragraph.  What would I have done, a short, barely clad female, if there was in fact a stranger in my child's room?


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