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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

We use cloth wipes for the baby because they are good for the environment, good for the wallet, and good for the baby. I could not tell you which reason is the best but they are all important to me.

I made my own cloth wipes while I was pregnant and stocking up on bargain purchases for the baby. I was lucky enough to get several sets of Target brand Circo four-pack of crib blankets on clearance. I love shopping clearance; I got that habit from my aunt who cloth diapered. (She inspired me to do that as well.) I would spend hours with her trolling all the aisles of Target looking at everything that was marked down.  Now I look in every store I shop to see what is being discounted. I also bought some organic washcloths that were discounted online.

Back to the home-made cloth wipes: I cut the blankets up into 16 pieces just by following the folds of the blanket. It was fairly easy. I didn't sew them or anything because they were cotton flannel. Now 2 years later they are doing great, just some frays but not so much that it is more than cosmetic.  They have been used and washed over and over. We even used them instead of tissues when we all had a cold at the same time. I realized then that I never needed to buy paper tissues again. Even my husband commented that the cloth tissues were much more stable when he blew his knew. Wow, I won over a man who loves his paper products!

How about you, do you use or have you ever considered cloth products to replace your paper ones?


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