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Monday, 26 March 2012

I don't know if I am allowed to actually call this a recipe, but soup most certainly ensued from the soon to be mentioned circumstances.

In an effort to be proactive in feeding Tubby, I have started soaking and boiling his beans and legumes from breakfast time, either to use with lunch or dinner, depending on their consistency come meal time. Today I decided it would be split peas. I put about a half cup into the pot with twice the level of water and let it cook on low heat. Come two hours later, I had super mushy and huge peas. I can put in some onion and garlic I thought. And we bought organic celery and carrots this weekend, so I could chop some of those too. I was cooking on the fly!!  I didn't even tear up with the onion cutting, it was that good an inspiration.

I am very impressed with myself :) I think Hubby might be as well since I just took some stuff and put it in the pot and cooked it, as he is often suggesting I do.

I realized too, that you don't need stock or broth to make a soup (unless you make your own) because they often contain 'flavor' of unknown origin, even the organic variety. And they have the same ingredients as soup just using water and vegetables or whatever you want in your recipe will make it tasty. As the onion started to cook I sensed a strong salty smell. I had not added any salt to the pot, just the onion, water and split peas. The soup was selföseasoning as well!


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