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Monday, 12 March 2012

This week we are talking time change and renovation fun with The Gnome's Mom.  Our weekend turned a little fun on Sunday not because of the time change but because we finally got some badly needed laundry room organization done.  The time didn't affect us like Hubby kept saying...but really it's....we just went about our business with food times and sleep times as usual.

We decided to take a trip to Goodwill and Lowes because they are located in the same parking lot and because I had an agenda.  I love looking to see what I can get at Goodwill for less than what I would pay at Homegoods. I also was on the look out for a second duvet cover to match the one I got at my local store which came from a certain retailer that rhymes with marget :)  At Lowes we were again on the prowl for a way to hang laundry so that Hubby didn't have to complain about walking into it. He is almost a foot taller than I; I don't really pay attention to that aspect of hanging laundry. Hubby's idea was to get a shower rod and put it up exactly where it used to be when we moved in five years ago. I asked him to remove it because it did not work for me at all.

I saw some wire racks in the closet organization section of the store and I was done! Those would allow me to both hang and lay items to dry out of anyone's way.  It is a little high in the tiny laundry room, but that's okay since it looks much better and works great. I can also put up and away the many containers of  laundry power that I currently have sitting on the floor. Two birds, yay :)


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