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Monday, 5 March 2012

Join in on the Mommy Blog circle and post with us every week. The Gnome's Mom started the fun on her blog. This week it's introductions.

I was one of those moms over thirty-five pregnant women, ooohh, and I was perfectly pregnant all the way through. I can remember loving the experience most of the time.  Once Tubby was born however, there were some hard times for me.  But since I am keeping it light, this post will not get into that.

Tubby is a toddler who keeps me busy and crazy.  Sometimes I walk around the house in circles not remembering what it is I am looking for or needing to do; and sometimes I just spin in a circle trying to prioritize what needs to be done.  Tubby loves to be held, all thirty plus pounds of him, and he loves to be held often. Since I am at home with him, he is used to being that needy and getting what he needs!


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