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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My preview post talked about a few of the options that were open to those of us wanting to have a green period. Why have a green period? What benefits do reusable menstrual products have?
  • Better for our skin
  • Better for the environment
  • Better for our budget
I am going to discuss my first experience with the cloth pads from GladRags.

I received the day pad set which included three snapped covers and six inserts.  They were all washed in hot water and air-dried in preparation.  I set up the pads with the two inserts each they came with so that I was ready to go once my period started.  It was easy to do: just open the two flaps, insert the liners, close the flaps back, and snap together for storage; or fold the pad in thirds like most disposables come packaged.

The day pad from GladRags is about 9 1/2 inches long. It was comfortably long for me and fit snugly once wrapped and snapped around my panty.  I found it extremely comfortable to wear, soft and absorbent.  I had no problem with the pad slipping or moving at all. It is important to wear underwear that fits well so that the pad stays properly in place.  The pads also absorbed well and kept me dry. I was a little surprised by that since I (wrongly) assumed the flow would feel wet with cloth pads. It does not. You are dry and comfortable. You also have the option of using both inserts or just one, depending on your flow.

Once I was done with the pads, I pre-washed on cold then did a regular wash with my other clothes. The pads came out clean and looking like they were never used. A few liners did fray a little, but not so much to make a difference in their absorption abilities.  After, I pulled them back into shape and hung them to dry. They are stuffed and stored, ready for next month.

Overall, these are a great green option for your period. Try them out and see for yourself. Maybe the upcoming Earth Day will give you some inspiration.  I am never going back to disposable pads. I love the ease of use and care of the GladRags day pads I used.

*I am a featured reviewer at Silent Springs. You can peruse other eco-friendly items there.*


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