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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I just realized that we are leaving on Friday for Sweden. Hubby reminded me this weekend but, of course, I did not start packing then. I have to pack two bags, one for me and one for Tubby. And we're leaving in the afternoon so I have to get done packing for us both by Thursday night....

I haven't even checked the weather yet to see how we should dress.  I have become a terrible procrastinator.

I at least decided in my head that I will only bring natural fabric cloth diapers so that I can wash and dry them in the machine. I don't anticipate much sun in the Swedish spring but you never know, I might be able to get those diapers out in the sun a day or two.  I have never traveled full term with cloth, this will be the first time. Luckily we are in the midst of potty-training so we only use diapers at night. That means not too many to pack or worry about. Phew.


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