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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Here are a few ways my family does its part to reduce our impact on the earth by reusing instead of throwing away. I am sure you can incorporate some into your everyday routine.

Hubby contributed to the water saving efforts by installing a rain barrel below our gutters. He uses that water on his garden in the warm months.  We also have low flow toilets installed in all our bathrooms.  Another easy step is to install aerators on taps. Those are really cheap and can be installed easily onto most taps by just unscrewing the very end and inserting the tip or disk underneath.. You can also exchange your old shower heads for ones with low-flow.

Tubby contributes by using cloth diapers and cloth wipes.  He loves to reuse boxes and cartons and containers that dry food comes in.  After a while we recycle those though, because they get a lot of wear and tear in his hands.

The whole family contribute by using towels and dish cloths and rags instead of paper products to clean up. You don't have to buy new materials for these tasks, reuse what you already own. That is the beauty of old shirts and towels, just cut them up and make them designated uses such as floor cleaning or kitchen clean-up or bathtub/sink/toilet wiping.  All you need to do is wash the cloths when dirty and easy as pie, you are ready to use them again.

Finally, don't leave home without a few shopping bags. You can keep some in the car trunk so you always have them when out shopping. Keep an eye out for promotions where you can get one for free. Everyone is on the bandwagon these days.


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